Fluorspar Calcium Fluoride CaF2

İran'da florit konsantresi ve briket üretim tesisi ve fabrikası kalsiyum floriti CaF2
Florit (CaF2) Kalsiyum florür Iran
September 3, 2021
fluorite fluorspar briquette plant

fluorite fluorspar briquette plant

Fluorspar Calcium Fluoride Lump type for Steel Making

Fluorspar Raw Material or Fluorspar Lump type

Fluorspar is the commercial name for the naturally occurring mineral fluorite, composed of calcium and fluorine (CaF2). Fluorspar is the predominant commercial source for the chemical element fluorine. Fluorite comes from lava. In the process of magma cools, the gas aqueous solution isolated by magma contains many substances consisting largely of fluoride. As way up along the fissures, with temperature coming down as well as pressure, the fluorine ions in the gas aqueous solution combined with those calcium ions in the surrounding rocks, form to calcium fluoride, cool and build up fluorite crystallization.

AMMD Fluorspar Producer in Iran

Iran has more than 10 MT of Fluorite ore. AMMD is the biggest producer and most trusted supplier of raw material of fluorite (fluorspar) mineral products across the globe. our average annual sales were 12000 tons/a year. We have a flotation plant and a briquette plant. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance, and business negotiation.
Our Calcium fluoride is perfect for the metallurgical Industry. We have been supplying calcium Fluoride to the industry for a long time and our Major markets have been Turkey, China, Russia, India, Germany, etc. We deal in Calcium fluoride ranging CaF2 60% - 90% in different sizes required and, in the packing as per your requirement. We are also offering Fluorspar BRIQUETTES.

Fluorspar Balls / Fluorspar Briquette

It is made by metallurgical fluorspar fines and inorganic salt adhesive, it can meet the requirement of ventilation, environmental protection, easy to operation, low phosphorous, and sulfur in the process of metallurgy. It can substitute fluorspar lump and is widely used in steelmaking, nonferrous metal metallurgy, and ferroalloy metallurgy, chemical, and iron industry.
The application amount dropped more. Only 60% of original usage amount, Compared with the original fluorspar lump CaF2 content increased, the SiO2 20% reduction in the slag furnace slag line erosion significantly reduced and increased life expectancy; reduce lime amount, stainless steel manufacturers is estimated to reduce by 15% slag faster, shortening the duration of heat, manufacturers can reduce the consumption of ferrosilicon and other alloys. Removal of the S and P so good, which will help improve product quality. The overall cost-effective than use fluorspar lumps.