The word barium comes from the Greek word barus, which means heavy. The common barium minerals are barite and witherite. Barite is by far the predominant barium mineral used by industry. Barytes is a naturally occurring barium sulfate with a chemical formula BaSO4 (BaO 65.7% and SO3 34.3%). Because the mineral has a high density and is chemically inert, it is ideal for use in the petroleum, automotive, and paint industries, and in other applications.

Barite Uses

Oil-well drilling

In the petroleum industry, the barite is used to make what is known as “drilling mud.” Barite and other additives in drilling mud assist in several ways during drilling. The barite serves as a weighting material that increases the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling mud and thus controls high-pressure zones that are encountered during drilling. Proper weighting prevents what industry calls a “blowout.” Because the barite is soft, it does not damage or cause abrasion problems to drilling tools such as the bits and drill pipe. Also because of its softness, it will also act much like a lubricant. Finally, because barite is chemically inert, it does not react with or interferes with other components used in the mud.
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Industrial Barite

Barite is used in the industrial market in such products as traffic cones; brake linings; paint; sound-deadening materials in automobiles, golf balls, and foam; and as filler in several other products. The important uses of barytes are: 1. Paint
2. Chemicals
3. Barium metal recovery
4. Glass
5. Paper
6. Rubber
7. Coal washing
8. Explosive
8. Coequipmentregate
9. Nuclear reactors and other radiation equipments
10. Radiology
11. Children’s toys
12. Adhesives
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Iran Barite Producer and Supplier

Asia Mines and Minerals Development Company (AMMD Co), is the professional producer and supplier in the field of the mineral product like Barite and bentonite of IRAN origin. Our Barite product categorized as below:

Drilling Fluid Barite Specification

Our barite specification has set to American Petroleum Institute (API) and minimum specific gravity is 4.20 g/cm3. It also is ground to a powder where at least 97% will go through a 200 mesh sieve. The amount of water-soluble alkaline earth metals is below a prescribed amount, 250 mg/kg.

Industrial Barite Specification

The barite specifications for industrial products also involve specific gravity, particle size, and quantities of impurities. Some of these products have an additional specification for brightness or whiteness. The barite specifications vary depending on the needs required by the final product.