Asia Mines and Minerals Development Company

Considering the development of new areas of investment in the mining industry and the bright and growing prospect of producing all kinds of minerals in Iran, Asia Mines and Minerals Development Company has established the company by taking advantage of past experiences, market knowledge, as well as its expertise and expertise. The main goal of the company is to obtain a suitable position in the production and supply of mineral materials at the international level and to supply raw materials needed for agriculture and industries inside the country. Since its establishment, this company has started sincere cooperation with reliable mines, factories and production units And by focusing on the principles of customer orientation, productivity and commitment to human values and providing efficient and effective services to its business partners, it has practically become one of the most reliable and successful production units active in the field of supplying and distributing minerals in the country. This company has made large investments in Iran’s mines and mineral industries. The operation of the company’s first and largest fluorite concentrate and briquette factory in Damghan city, using the latest management achievements and modern technology, has made it known as one of the most developed private sector companies at the international level. AMMD intends to become an effective and stable organization in the market of mines and minerals by relying on modern knowledge, using modern methods, using competent and experienced forces and looking to the future.

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Asia Mines and Minerals Development Company provides all types of acidic, ceramic, and metallurgical grade fluorite. Fluorite is one of the export products of this company, which has been exported to Russia, China, Italy, Germany, Turkey, and Iraq. The fluorite produced by this company is offered in the form of lump type with a grain size of 10 to 60 mm or briquettes with a size of 40 to 50 mm, or in powdered form. The diversity in the quality of fluorite and its processing has caused this company to produce and provide consumers with a wide range of products with calcium fluoride grades of 65 to 97%. The price of fluorite lump types depends on its sizing and the quality of calcium fluoride in it, as well as the percentage of harmful elements and compounds such as silica, sulfur, and phosphorus. Our fluorspar lump type produced is available to our valued customers with the highest quality and the cheapest price.


This company has the largest fluorite concentrate and briquette production factory in Iran with a capacity of 15,000 tons per year. Fluorite briquettes are widely used in steel factories and metallurgy of non-ferrous metals and alloy metals and chemical industries due to better grade control and reduction of sulfur and phosphorus wastes and uniform granulation and size. In the fluorite briquettes produced by this company, the amount of silica and limestone parameters is controlled, which helps to improve the quality of the product. In general, the use of fluorite briquettes is more cost-effective compared to crushed lumps from mines. The diversity in the quality of fluorine briquettes and its processing has caused this company to produce a wide range of products with a calcium fluoride content of 65 to 95% and provide them to consumers.
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Barium is derived from the Greek word Barus, which means heavy. Common minerals are barium, barite and witherite. Barite is the dominant barium mineral used in industry. Barium sulfate is found in many parts of the world and is mined and processed in several countries. Because barite is a heavy and chemically neutral mineral, it is used in the oil, automotive, and paint industries. Barite is used in products such as traffic cones, car candles, brake pads, golf balls, ceramics, paint, casting, porcelain, cosmetics, and anti-slip varnish. Barite is also used in insulating clothes. It is used as a filler in vacuum tubes, fireworks and explosives, radiation protection, nuclear reactors, pharmaceuticals and medicine. Asia Mines and Minerals Development Company with barite mines and production of crystal barite and drilling and industrial barite powder for use in glass, paper, rubber, plastic, and barite industries required in the production of cement blocks resistant to radiation and radioactive rays produce.


Bentonite is a stone whose base consists of a crystalline clay-like mineral formed by weathering and chemical alteration with igneous rocks (generally tuff or volcanic ash). Bentonites are classified as sodium (swellable) or calcium (non-sellable) based on interlayer cations and their ability to swell in water. Bentonites with sodium as the exchangeable cation of the template show a high swelling ability in the water, while bentonites with calcium as the dominant exchangeable cation show a very low swelling ability. Bentonite has many uses due to its properties of being soft, swellable, colloidal, and mixing well with water, becoming pasty, plastic, sticky, absorbent, etc. Asia Mines and Minerals Development Company produces all kinds of sodium and calcium bentonites and supplies them in jumbo-bag packages based on customers' requests at a competitive price and world standards.


Zeolites are crystalline and hydrated aluminosilicates of the alkaline and alkaline earth metals, especially sodium, calcium, magnesium, strontium, and barium. Most zeolites can be hydrated or dehydrated without any change in volume. Zeolites have unique physical and chemical properties that are exploited in many important commercial applications. There are hundreds of commercial uses for zeolites, such as water and wastewater treatment, odor reduction in pet waste, aquariums, and commercial fish farms, removal of heavy metal ions, agricultural applications as soil conditioners and animal feed supplements, carriers for bacteria and enzymes, gas separation, Catalytic and etc. AMMD company with zeolite mines offers all kinds of natural zeolite products according to customers' requests. Increasing the production capacity and using the highest zeolite crushing, granulation, and packaging technology has made the products of this company offered with distinctive quality and competitive price.