largest manufacturer fluorite concentrate and briquette in Iran

Fluorspar or Fluorite mines in Iran

According to the results of statistics of fluorite mines in operation, Iran ranks among the top 10 countries in the world and the first country in the region with a definite reserve of 2300000 tons and actual extraction of 77000 tons and export of 2363000 dollars in 2019. Central Alborz region located in Mazandaran province and north of Semnan province has a special place in the country in terms of minerals. Among the provinces of the country, Mazandaran province has the highest production rate in terms of the number of mines in operation and some minerals such as fluorite. The number of operating licensed fluorite mines in this province is 14, half of which are currently active. Although Mazandaran province has the largest number of fluorite minerals in the country, and geological evidence shows that central Alborz fluorite mineralization ranks among the three largest belts in the world. However, proper studies, design, and investment in relation to exploration, exploitation, ore preparation, and concentration, as well as processing and production of fluorite by-products such as hydrofluoric acid have not been done in this region.

Fluorite Ore Processing

At present, special minerals such as fluorite are mainly used in the iron smelting industry after initial concentration and hand grinding, and some are used for export. If this mineral has important applications in various industries (especially chemical), it is necessary to convert its raw materials into raw materials that can be used in downstream industries and in the preparation and production of hydrofluoric acid. Fluorite is used directly or indirectly to produce products such as aluminum, gasoline, foam insulation, plastics, refrigerants, steel, and uranium fuel. The most commercial use of fluorite includes two types of acid grade or spar acid, which contains more than 97% calcium fluoride, and subacid grade, which contains 97% or less CaF2. The sub-acid grade is used for the extraction and melting of metals and ceramics and is usually known and read as metallurgical and ceramic grade or met spar.

Fluorite concentrate and briquette plant in Iran

Only the extraction and use of raw fluorite in the steel industry as a smelting aid has kept us away from the chemical industry and the production of various fluorite-containing materials such as hydrofluoric acid, refrigerant gases, and all kinds of Teflon. The high-added value of these industries can bring high employment generation for the country. Therefore, this company has opened a fluorite concentrate and briquette production plant with a capacity of 15,000 tons per year in the north of Iran in Damghan city.

Characteristics and analysis of fluorite (fluorspar, calcium fluoride)

Asia Mines and Minerals Development Company provides fluorite in acidic, ceramic, and metallurgical qualities. Acid-grade fluorite is defined as fluorite containing more than 97% CaF2, but some manufacturers of hydrofluoric acid use 96% or slightly less if residual impurities are acceptable. Limits for silica, calcium carbonate, arsenic, lead, sulfur sulfide, phosphorus, and other harmful components are set by consumers. The moisture content of dry fluorite concentrates for acidic and ceramic grades is usually determined to be more than 0.1% H2O, but in some ceramic applications, up to 0.1 or 2% may be necessary to ease dust problems in transporting bulky materials. The impurities considered by the steel customers of this company are silica (4% to a maximum of 10%) and calcium carbonate (4% to a maximum of 9%). The standard size specification for metallurgical grade fluorite is that 100% pass the 63 mm (2.5 in) sieve and no more than 15% pass the 9.5 mm (0.375 in) sieve.

Application of ceramic and metallurgical fluorite and acid grades

Ceramic and metallurgical grade fluorite is used in the manufacture of fiberglass, in the melting of zinc metal, as an inhibitor of vanadium green foaming in the production of bricks with a pea-colored top, and as an abrasive on some types of sandpaper. Different grades of fluorite are used in the production of calcium carbide in electric furnaces, making electrodes for arc lamps and as a bonding material for sanding wheels. Metallurgical or semi-metallurgical grade fluorite is used as a flux in cement production. This material is added to the mixture of raw cement materials before entering the rotary furnace; The addition of fluorite causes the furnace to operate at a low temperature, and as a result, it is economical. Fluorite helps to produce a softer clinker product that is easier to crush and thus leads to an increase in electrical energy.
Different types of electrode coatings (welding rods) are made of fluorite with fluorite mixtures. Ceramic-grade fluorite is used in the production of magnesium and calcium metals and in the preparation of some manganese chemicals. In industrial operations, most of the consumers of the Asian Mines and Minerals Development Company prefer to buy acid-grade fluorite instead of ceramic grade and dilute it accordingly.

Attractive price sale natural Fluorite (Fluorspar)

In order to meet the needs of its customers and to be responsive to the needs of the domestic and foreign markets, Asia Mines and Minerals Development Company develops a portfolio of products and creates diversity in providing various types of fluorite granulations with different qualities used in acid grade, ceramic and has done metallurgy. This company has opened the first and largest fluorite concentrate and briquette factory in Iran. We are proud to be able to export our fluorite products to the countries of Turkey, Russia, China, and Germany after supplying raw materials to domestic steel factories and considering the intense competition in the world markets. The fluorite produced by this company is offered in the form of lumps with a grain size of 10 to 60 mm or briquettes with a size of 40 to 50 mm, or in powdered form. The diversity in the quality of fluorite stone and its processing has caused this company to produce and provide consumers with a wide range of products with calcium fluoride grades of 65 to 95%. Fluorite produced is packed in 1 and 1.5-ton jumbo bags according to the customer’s request. The price of fluorite of this company is different depending on its quality and granulation and is offered at a reasonable price. Get in touch with us to get the price of fluorite and more information.